4 Reasons To Choose Copper Homes

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We don’t do “cookie cutter”. We can start from scratch or begin with a design you like and modify it to meet your needs. Our belief is that every home should be unique. Our in-house design team excel at getting your desires into the design and within your budget.


You only need to close once with us, when the home is finished. There is no need for you to take out a construction loan. We make building your home as easy as going out and buying an existing home.

Cost & Value

We charge a flat fee. That’s it. Then we pass along all the discounts we get from subcontractors and suppliers. Normally the amount we save you in wholesale and discount pricing is enough to outweigh our fee. Our homes come standard with what most builders consider upgrades. Some examples: granite countertops, hardwood floors, bathroom tile, solid-core doors, tall trim, solid custom cabinets, and more.


Personal & Local

We are a small local company. You will get the chance to speak with our design-team, you’ll speak with our owner, you’ll know your construction manager personally. We develop close trusting relationships with our clients. We are a family and see our clients as family as well.

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